If you are travelling in West Iceland or if you are staying at Fossatún you are welcome to taste our special courses while enjoying the waterfall views from the on-site restaurant.

Opening Hours

  • Breakfast: Summer, spring and autumn: 7:30-9:30 - in the dark of winter 8 - 9:30

  • In summer, autumn, spring - kitchen is open for lunch from: 12:00 - 14:00 and for dinner from: 18:00 - 21:00.  Restaurant closes at 22:00 - Coffee and refreshments available during opening hours.

  • During winter (November - March), although restaurant is not publicly open, we always try to accommodate our guests. Opening depends on number of guests staying. We have special dishes and/or smaller winter menu available. If our guests want to have dinner, we appreciate to know about it before arrival. Then kitchen is open from 18:30 to 19:30:00 and restaurant closes at 20:30. 

Take a look to some of our delicious Icelandic courses


In our restaurant it is possible to book group Lunches. Click here to see our Group Menus. For reservations contact us.



Our dinning restaurant room is both a place to eat as it is a place to relax and enjoy listening to some old and new records or even be so lucky to be at the local band´s Grasasnar rehearsal. When having dinner, customers can choose one record from Steinar's vinyl collection, which includes more than 3.000 records, and our staff will happily put it to play.

This room is also used irregularly for rehearsals by Grasasnar  who do not mind people eating while they are rehearsing - (more information about the band on Rock'n' Roll page).


This incredible collection belongs to Steinar Berg, the host at Fossatún and a man with a great love for music. Steinar was born in 1952 and between 1975 and 1993 he was the owner of a music company, Steinar Records, which was involved with many of Iceland's best musical talents.